Work With Us to Find a Home

The Bay Area Real Estate market is a complex, challenging place for buyers. We offer in-depth knowledge of areas, neighborhoods, and what the market is doing. This insider’s understanding helps our clients find not just a house that meets their specs, but a home that is comfortable and an excellent fit.

If you need help finding the right home contact us to go over your needs. You can also use our Property Watch service and get virtually instant notification when a property matching your criteria enters the market. We also have a selection of articles and tips that can acquaint you with the buying process and help you get more comfortable.


Tips for Finding the Perfect Neighborhood

The neighborhood you choose can have a big impact on your lifestyle-safety, available amenities, and convenience all play their part. Here are some tips to help you find the neighborhood that’s right for you.

10 Steps to Prepare for Home Ownership

Get ready to achieve your dream of owning a home. A little pre-planning will smooth your path to home ownership.

Common Closing Costs for Buyers

In addition to your down payment, as a home buyer you’ll pay certain “closing costs”. These are costs of the transaction that are typically paid at close of escrow. A rule of thumb is to set aside 2.0% of the purchase price for such costs. This is not a hard and fast rule, however.

Tips on Buying in a Tight Market

Increase your chances of getting your dream house instead of losing it to another buyer, with these easy steps.

11 Tips for First Time Buyers

Here is a short list of helpful tips for first-time home buyers.

What a Title Company Does

Ever wonder exactly what the job of a title company is? Or how it affects you? Here’s a quick look at what the title company’s role is.

6 Reasons to Hire Realtor®

So Realtors® can help you find a home, but do you really need one for every real-estate transaction? In the age of information, can’t we just do it ourselves?